Amtac has its foundations in the provision of risk management and crime prevention advice, and has been developing web-applications for in-house projects and to assist its clients since the mid-1990’s. Dedicated web-application clients have included the NSW Environment Protection Authority, education departments in both South Australian and New South Wales, the Victorian Government, Royal Flying Doctor Service (Qld), TD Bank (Canada), the University of Southern Queensland (“USQ”), Queensland Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies (“QNADA”), DRUG ARM, and Transport for NSW (“TfNSW”). The common theme underpinning all Amtac’s web-applications is enhancing efficiency while contributing to the effective management of risks through defensible, accurate and consistent data.

For over twenty years, Amtac has enjoyed longstanding relationships with many clients and has undertaken projects where extraordinary levels of innovation and sensitivity have been required to deliver the desired outcomes. Amtac’s client base across Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia and Canada are proof that head office location and size are no barriers to success.

Being small gives Amtac the flexibility and agility needed to be able to innovate and respond to new opportunities. However, Amtac’s technical infrastructure would be the envy of businesses many times larger. Amtac’s wide area network is provided by Telstra, including Ethernet tails into clients’ premises to support secure electronic data interchange. Amtac is also a member of APNIC, which means that it remains in full control of its own IP address ranges, allowing rapid allocation for short or long-term applications.

Australian Head Office: +61-7-3380-4600
PO Box 222, Browns Plains. Qld. 4118. Australia.


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QR2id is a 21st century ID tag for pets and personal property.
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Amtac and WasteID support Asbestos Awareness and the Blue Lamington Drive Fund raiser for the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute

Asebestos Awareness

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WasteID is a flexible application for managing trade and liquid waste, as well as other data gathering activities.
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International Security Management & Crime Prevention Institute

International Security Management & Crime Prevention Institute
The International Security Management and Crime Prevention Institute ("ISMCPI") was established by Amtac in 1995 and since that time has provided professional development opportunities for literally thousands of crime prevention, security and law enforcement professionals from many countries around the world.